Nissan x Agenic Influencer Campaign Collaboration

Our latest collaboration with Nissan on their Lapland influencer event was, well, an undeniable hit. With the help of the Agenic Influence platform, we’ve helped Nissan to seek out the best influencers to represent their brand, reach the target and new audiences, and deliver the most engaging and fun content. 


The Event

Nissan has curated a Lapland weekend getaway trip by inviting Lithuanian, Estonian, and Latvian influencers to soak in the beauty of Lapland’s winter vistas, participate in various activities, and test their new car models.


The Brief

The goal of the trip was for the influencers to translate Nissan’s key messages:

  • The philosophy of Kabuku – a life full of rich and unique experiences;
  • To create the feeling of seamlessness where simplicity and harmony removes barriers between people, places, and things;
  • To bridge a gap between high-end technology and everyday life.
  • To fulfill these notions, Agenic helped Nissan to seek out the best and most fitting influencers from Lithuania to represent the brand and speak in Nissan’s voice.


Three influencers were asked to go on the weekend getaway, and another one was offered to drive the newest Nissan Ariya for a year and share their experience with their audience.


Campaign Message

Besides being asked to share Nissan’s philosophy, the influencers were also briefed to promote Nissan’s event, inviting people to test drive their newest models by simply booking it via selected apps to have the car delivered right to their doorstep.


The Influencers

Nissan aimed to partner up with influencers whose followers were a bit more mature, earned above-average salaries, and were open to trying something new.

And that presented no problem for Agenic Influence since our main strategy in finding the right influencers for any brand is to check the compatibility of an influencer’s audience interest with the brand’s message. That’s why we could select influencers whose key parameters and audience interests matched the brief to the point.


The Content

As for the content, you can see some of our favorite examples below – from videos to photos and from Reels to Stories; tons of engaging content was created during the trip by the influencers and later shared with their audiences.


The Outcome

Besides being the most creative, engaging, and unique influencer campaign of 2023 in Baltic countries, it has also surpassed all the expectations in audience reach, engagement, and ROI.

On the other hand – because it was such an innovative and appealing format, it was highly praised by the influencers who participated in it, all of whom agreed that it was a truly holistic and inspiring event.



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