10 Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools That Are Real Game Changers

There was never a business in the modern age that had no competition. It really doesn’t matter how tiny or broad your niche is; you’ll always have competitors stepping on your heels and maybe even outperforming you with their social media strategies. That’s why you should always keep an eye on their plans, successes, and failures – to learn, adapt, and offer your clients even better and more engaging social media content, ads, and partnerships.

After all, plain selling of your merchandise or services just won’t cut it these days.

Why do you need Tools for Competitor Analysis?

Yes, you could absolutely do all of these tasks manually, but let’s be fair here – nobody has the time for that, and doing it manually would cost an arm and a leg. 

Enter competitor analysis tools.

These tools help you understand your position compared to the competition in your industry, detect strengths and weaknesses, give you insight into your own strategy, and show you examples of what’s working and what isn’t. Once you know all that, you can start working on boosting your own social media strategy in a clear, well thought-through manner that will truly bring you results. Now, who wouldn’t want that? 

10 Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools That Are Real Game Changers



Agenica offers a comprehensive and affordable ad library, social media marketing, and ad-spy assistance to generate insights for your ultimate digital marketing strategy. 

And those aren’t just words; Agenica truly does it all, just like a personal assistant would. 

This AI-driven tool allows you to track the social media profiles of multiple competitors at the same time. Including but not limited to their own created and posted content, user-generated content, the type of content, influencer partnerships, engagement, and plenty more. All this tracking converts into easy-to-understand data, which translates to helpful insights to tune up your social media marketing strategy. 

And if you’re wondering if Agenica is the right match for your needs, you can try a free demo here


Ahrefs is a program that assists you with all aspects of SEO. Ahrefs includes a number of features and tools to assist you in benchmarking your SEO approach against competitors. This makes it one of the most valuable tools for analyzing social media competitors. Site explorer, keywords explorer, site audit, rank tracker, and content explorer are among the solutions provided by the tool. And when it comes to SEO, Ahrefs has little competition. 


Another tool for competition analysis to consider is SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb can help you acquire thorough insights about your competition in the digital media marketing space. 

You can compare the performance of your website and app using the tool’s Competitive Benchmarking feature. Their to-the-point analysis is easy to read and apply to your needs. 


BuzzSumo provides a tool for researching competitors. Simply enter the competitor domain into this competition tracking tool to see your competitors’ most shared articles. It also assists in analyzing what is working for them by using filters such as ‘content type’ and ‘networks used to get traffic’.

The BuzzSumo tool assists you in tracking mentions and identifying patterns. It’s a great tool for staying on top of the buzz. 

Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a multifaceted application with numerous capabilities, including competition tracking. You may follow your competitors’ activity and learn what type of content is working in the sector by using the competition tracking feature. 

You may also use Unbox Social to increase your share of voice in comparison to your competitors in the sector. You can use the tool to compare your performance to that of your competitors. It also allows you to compare your content’s interactions with those of your competitors.  

All in all, it’s a well-rounded tool for competition analysis. 


Phlanx is a competitor tracking tool that allows you to assess a brand’s activity on social media networks. The tool is currently accessible on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. 

The tool allows you to compare the engagement rates of various brands across the platforms listed. Phlanx compares each brand’s content and displays its engagement graph, which is easy to analyze and apply to your strategy. 


Not all competition analysis is based primarily on the number of likes and comments; keyword performance must also be considered. 

SpyFu is a tool for conducting SEO competitor analysis. It allows you to discover who your nearest competitors are and provides information on the keywords that are bringing them clicks.

In short, this tool is really beneficial for developing a successful content strategy.


FollowerWonk is a must-have Twitter tool for businesses that wish to focus entirely on their Twitter competitors. This application lets you compare Twitter accounts, which can help you figure out what methods your competitors are employing. 

Furthermore, FollowerWonk lets you track follower demographics to gain a better knowledge of your audience. You may also use FollowerWonk to see what’s popular on the platform and what your competitors are tweeting about.


Email marketing is typically overlooked by brand managers, but it can also help boost your brand’s visibility. Owletter is a competition analysis tool that focuses on email marketing activity comparison. 

The tool examines and analyzes your competitors’ email marketing activities and provides you with intrinsic insights such as the frequency of their actions, email marketing trends, and the optimal location to implement your email marketing plan.


Determ is all about tracking your brand mentions, measuring your reach, and creating PR reports. It’s one of those tools where everything is data-based and AI-enhanced, which, as we all know, saves quite a lot of time.

You can use Determ for brand and social media monitoring, tracking competitors, and market research.

Additionally, Determ’s user-friendly interface and real-time analytics make it an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals seeking to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.



And that concludes our list of the social media competitor analysis tools you should be looking into these days. Remember, without monitoring your competition, you’re really in the dark on trending content and successful practices, and this is the one sure way to stay on top of the social media marketing game. 

That said, if you have any further questions or would like to consult with us before you start monitoring your competition on social media, you can always write us a message and talk some more. 


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