Guide on how to use Agenic insights to boost your IG & Influencer marketing

What’s the value? 

  • We’ll help you to outcompete competitors on social & influencer marketing
  • We’ll help you to stay on top of trends in your industry
  • We’ll automate your manual tasks such as (competitors monitoring & analysis; trends research, creating monthly, quarterly, yearly reports…)
  • Upsell additional insights about competitors to your existing clients
  • Increase your agency gross margins by automating your employees tasks

Quick introduction to Agenic:

How can I interpret Agenic data and what insights can I derive from it?

Accounts section:

This part is for generic info where you can compare your followers growth performance vs others. And if you notice that others did a better job, you probably want to know what they’re doing differentely. That’s why we have our second part “Content overview”


Content overview

Here you can identify what communication strategies competitors use. How much content they produce, in which type of content they invest the most, do they work with influencers, UGC, etc. In this specific example below we can see that for Barbara partners (influencers, UGC) have created more than 300 content pieces, while Caudalie is not working actively with influencers and UGC. Moreover, Barbara produces much more content in general and their content strategy differs, while Barbara mostly invest in stories, Caudalie 50/50. 


So, which strategy works the best? Let’s check the performance overview?

Performance overview

Let’s go from the bottom 🙂 At the bottom you can find organic (content that was created by the business) post average engagement. And if others organic avg. engagement is much higher, that indicates two things:

a) They create content that drives engagement (giveaways, raffles other unique content)

b) If it is a static photos, it means they invest more money in boosting posts.

And what content performed the best you can find in the Best performing content library below.



In this section you can check what keywords competitors use the most in the post descriptions. Maybe you will see that others use more broader keywords than you. 

The broader/popular keywords you use, the more IG algorithm will bring you up.


This part is super valuable if you are working with influencers or planning to start doing that. In this part you can identify with whom particular each brand collaborates with and in which creators they invest most. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll be able to catch campaigns that are hidden in tagged section, you won’t see those in their general feed.

Best performing content library

Finally, we’ve the best performing content library, where you can find the most creative visuals, formats, trends. From this section you can get inspiration what creatives you should use for banners, ads. How to better engage with the audience, what works the best for each competitor. We also analyze and have stories, you can check what stories were created by influencers, UGC content in one place.

Takeaway Note

Imagine that you are the head of social media for a specific brand, for example, a beauty brand. And with this tool you can effortlessly monitor hundreds of beauty brands in the whole world, know in real time what creatives went viral, what is working for them, what is not. In that case, we believe that you always are going to win and outcompete other competitors while saving your time!


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