Struggling to create engaging social media content?

Get insights on what's trending, who's doing it the best, and create the most engaging social media content

Your business competitors
Your business
with Agenic

Compare the performance of your content against your business competitors and industry average

Benchmark your social media traffic against competitors to see where you stand

Discover what trends they are following and engaging with, and where

Discover which social media platform works best for your competition – learn, adapt, overcome. Yup, all included – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter – you name it!


Average engagement rate of a common business account on Social Media


Time spent on posting and maintaining Social Media accounts


Average price of restructuring an existing social media account with “limited coaching”

Follow trends, get the latest intel, and deliver the most engaging social media content that speaks to your target audience:

Forget about expensive experiments, consulting a guru, or just diving into the world of social media content blindly:

Find the topics that overlap with your audience's interests and modify your content to an exact match.
Get invaluable tips on creating the most impactful content based on the best cases from each specific industry - all social media trends in one place.
Drop your finished content into the platform and let Al do the analysis. It will identify the points you hit spot on and places where you can step it up.
Platform shows scores of follower growth, engagement per post before you even make an action - eliminate the need of A/B testing and minimize spending.
All in one place,
all without any fuss

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