Myths & Facts of Creating The Perfect Influencer Campaign

Although it might not seem so, influencer marketing is quite a structural matter. In this article, we’ll try to show how just in a few steps, you can create your own influencer marketing campaign that’s perfect for your business.

If you’ve opened this article, you’re probably thinking about creating your perfect social media influencer campaign, and that’s a great choice. Influencer marketing, undeniably, is on the up and up these days, and you too can use this marketing tool to your advantage.

If not so long ago, influencer marketing was viewed as a choice for those who like to take a risk; then now, it is quickly becoming one of the most endearing alternatives for regular marketing. Need facts?

  • A very convincing 89% of marketers say that the ROI from influencer campaigns compares to or even tops other marketing channels;
  • And more – 71% agreed that customer quality and traffic are better than other marketing sources.

However, if these stats just aren’t ensuring enough, with Agenic, you can measure the potential result of your influencer marketing campaign even before launching it. This way, you can minimize the inherent uncertainty of influencer marketing campaigns and get facts instead of vague guessings.

Sounds good? Well then, let’s get on to planning.


First things first – know your audience

Reaching the exact right audience is a vital step in your campaign and choosing the right platforms is one of the most important things to do.

So, depending on the audiences you choose- Millennials or Gen Z’ers – you have to figure out where to find them. Or you could just leave it to us!


Know your goals

Without goals, there’s virtually no campaign! With each goal – be it raising brand awareness or converting sales – your campaign gets a new definition and starts to take shape and form.

A successful influencer marketing campaign always assesses brand goals to choose the right messaging and find the right influencers to reach your audiences.



The cost of your campaign adds up from many variables – influencer fee, campaign run, and so much more. Of course, it all boils down to your budget and goals, but there’s no need to worry as influencer campaigns are usually quite flexible and adaptable.

For instance, you could use a couple of famous influencers, which might seem like a sure shot to promote your brand. However, using more than a few micro-influencers might spread the awareness of your product even further. It all depends on your goals!


Social media trends

Oh yes, they are as unpredictable as weather patterns, but getting in on one, or even better – creating your own – is like hitting the marketing jackpot.

Of course, that’s where the influencers step in, and each brand should consider that being daring and creative might be just the ticket. No need to tame down even the wildest ideas!


Staying true to your values

Don’t forget that the best tactic for every business to be noticed and cherished by its audiences is adhering to your brand values!

Influencers influence because they are trusted and represent the values relatable to their followers. Therefore, each business should also employ this motto for the maximum success of their social media influencer marketing campaign.



It is absolutely fundamental that your business’ values and the values of the campaign’s influencer match to the T. If there’s a clash between the two, the audiences might think your brand is unrelatable to them, or in the worst-case scenario – even untrustworthy.

So, finding a perfect match is vital, but don’t forget to celebrate the influencers themselves – after all, they are famous for who they are!

Besides, there are countless ways an influencer can promote your business, so finding a middle ground is always possible. Still unsure what an influencer campaign could look like? Well then, here are some classic examples:



A how-to video of your product is almost the same as trying the product itself, right? Done appealingly, it’s a great tool for audiences to get to know your goods before purchasing them.


There’s something really pleasing about watching an unboxing video – the main idea here is to show the process of your goods being taken out of their boxes for the very first time. In addition, such videos offer a genuine reaction from the influencer, which helps your brand seem more down-to-earth.

Comedy skits 

With a bit of humor and originality, a skit could be one of the best choices for products where no other choices apply. Reaching your audiences through laughter is always a great idea.


Who doesn’t like to get free goods? Giveaways are a great tool to promote your brand and entice new customers. Also, a prolonged giveaway campaign might build positive anticipation and work great as a teaser. 

Assessing the campaign’s success

So you did all of the above, and your campaign is up and running. Here comes the most important part – measuring its success. 

While with a regular campaign, you’d have to rely on screenshotted performance reports from your influencer, with Agenic, you can get these stats in real-time and on-demand. Reach traffic and conversions, you name it, with just one click. Tangible results are what businesses aim for, and it is absolutely doable with a social media influencer marketing campaign. 

Ending your campaign successfully is great, but why stop there? Chances are, with each new campaign, you’ll be able to aim for higher goals, reach further with your audiences, and, of course, gain new clients. 

Yeah, we know that sounds expensive, but what if we were to tell you that digitizing campaign processes with Agenic and working with up-and-coming influencers could allow you to spend twenty times less and still enjoy the same success? With Agenic, every business is the right business for social media influencer marketing, and no budget is too small to launch a campaign.


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