14 Tips For Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Nobody could deny that having and maintaining a social media presence is vital to any business these days. It’s needed to build credibility, gain visibility, and connect with your target audiences. It’s also the easiest (and usually the cheapest!) way to accomplish these goals, so having socials should be a well-maintained art of any marketing strategy.

However, not every piece of content is made equally, and you need it to actually make your audience engage with it in hopes of achieving the Holy Grail of marketing – conversions. So, before you post anything, ask yourself this – Does this content connect with my audience and encourage them to engage?

Of course, in most cases, that’s easier said than done! That’s why we’ve rounded up some tips for creating content that your audience might find easier to relate to and connect with.


The Purpose Of Headers And Sub-Headers

The use of headers and sub-headers is beneficial for two reasons: first, they serve as the focus of your material and grab readers’ attention; and second, they keep your content in order and on course.


Keep It Short And Clear

Keep your copies short and sweet and always to the point. This rule works charms on almost all of the platforms, except for maybe LinkedIn, where personal stories or longer posts are a bit more appreciated by the platform’s users. Otherwise, long sentences and rundown stories are boring in the eyes of the audience and not creative.



Elevate Your Content With Graphics

Images, videos, charts, graphs, selfies, or your kid’s drawing – everything works as long as it is on-brand and goes along with the actual message. Graphics convey your thoughts in a more impactful way, and it is no secret that short-form video is the king ruler of social media platforms these days.


Don’t Forget CTA

CTA, or Call To Action, is a short sentence at the end of a paragraph or content piece telling your readers what they should do next. Something along the lines of ‘’Keep on reading to discover more tips on creating engaging social media content,’’ or a simple ‘’Click here.’’ In the latter case, don’t forget to include a link to click on!



Even the best copy or post can be easily ruined by a silly typo or an inconspicuous error. Always ask someone to read your content before posting to check for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Besides, they might even have suggestions on better or more creative ways to convey the message!



Write For Your Specific Audience

Be sure that you are always writing for your specific audience. Research their habits, likes, needs, and pain points, and deliver content that addresses precisely these issues. Otherwise, if you write content for the age group 30-55 as if they were in their twenties, your message will get lost under the radar.


Employ Story-Telling

We all love a good story! It keeps us guessing and wanting more, so why not employ the tools of story-telling when it comes to creating content? You can always create stories (albeit concise and to the point) on your products, the history of the brand, or even customer encounters.


Be Clear

Avoid ambiguity at all costs unless it’s well thought-through or is part of a bigger marketing campaign. Otherwise, vague is almost never engaging, and the readers might feel confused by the unclear message. So, always keep it easily understandable and clear!


Use Verified Sources

If there’s an opportunity to back your writings with a legitimate study or a factual source – do so! Statistics, data, and interesting information backed by links are always a great idea as a part of your content. So are quotes, too!


Stick To Formatting Rules

Yup, titles, headers, margins, bolded words, and all the rules of formatting are still important these days. After all, it’s what makes your text easy to read, follow, and understand.


Use Keywords

Keywords will not only improve your ranking on search engine pages, but they will also help you stay on topic and write a copy that’s on point and engaging. Stay true to the main topic, use appropriate keywords, and ensure that the content you are creating is relevant.


Incorporate Internal Links

When it comes to blog posts and articles, always use internal links. This way, your readers might continue hanging out on your website and are likely to read more of your articles. Be sure, though, that the links you incorporate are relevant to the topic of the article!


Consistency Is The Key

Your writing tone and style aren’t the only things that should stay consistent throughout the pieces of content you post; it’s also posting times/frequency. Your audience is more likely to read your content when they know when something new is coming up, so create a posting schedule and stick to it.


Care About The Things You Write

The most engaging content usually comes from creators who love the topic they are writing about, as the passion usually shines through, infecting the readers too along the way. Writing with passion and showing the reason for it might convince your readers to also love your business. Furthermore, in writing this way, you’re apt to find unique points of view, and uniqueness and authenticity always speak volumes to anyone reading.


Takeaway Note

Creating engaging content takes practice and requires loads of trial-and-error attempts. However, once you get the hang of it, you are sure to attract more clients and new readers or simply keep your loyal customers with you.

However, if you need any further assistance in creating truly engaging content, why not take a look at Agenic Control? It’s a social listening tool that helps you create social media content that speaks to your target audiences and gives you details on how exactly to create it.



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