Benefits Of Social Listening For Digital B2B Marketing

You know how it is with social media – the information there is so vast you can never be sure you’ve gathered all the relevant intel, however hard you try. Some might be praising your brand, some might reflect negatively, while thousands of other people are absorbing their messages.

These messages are the key to learning how the audience feels toward you and what exactly they want from your brand. But you’ll never know what they are saying unless you employ social listening as a part of your social media strategy.

Although social listening, much like social media itself, was created to nurture B2C relationships, B2B marketers have discovered its potential, too. After all, it is the number one tool to gather consumer information in the most timely manner.

This leads us to:


Why Is Social Listening Important In B2B Marketing?

Social listening is the initial stage in social selling for all business kinds and target markets. It must be a dialogue first and foremost; conversing with your target audience on social media can never be a monologue.

It’s not just about understanding the wants and emotions your likely clients express online. Social listening technologies have several built-in features and capabilities useful for B2B sales and marketing. Instruments that improve lead identification and scoring and add to your overall sales revenues.

And when it comes to employing social listening as a part of your B2B digital strategy, there are definitely some unique features to leverage.


Identifying Leads

People often search the internet for advice before purchasing an item or a product. Sometimes, they even voice their thoughts out loud and search for intel or actual experience of others by creating a post, mentioning the brands they are interested in, and hoping for their peers to go into all that pros and cons conversation.

Now, with social listening, you can find these posts even if your brand isn’t actually tagged but rather simply mentioned and approach the person talking about the specific pain points and needs they’ve expressed in their mention.



PR Evaluation

You want to gauge the success of your PR plan, whether you’re handling a crisis or promoting a new brand image. Waiting for focus groups and industry op-eds to tell you how you’re doing these days is absolutely unnecessary. Instead, you can swiftly obtain more knowledge by listening to voices on social media.


Granular Sentiment Analysis

Social media monitoring can provide broad, analytical insights into your brand’s mentions, follower growth this month compared to last month, and other statistical data. It can’t tell you how consumers feel about your new product, latest whitepaper, or employee relationship. With that kind of deep, nuanced information, you can’t just monitor—you have to listen.


Discovering Influencers

The tides in social media influence can change quickly these days. You will be one step behind if you pretend to be up-to-date by following a few influential people. However, if you’re really listening, you can uncover the prominent voices at the beginning of their rise. This also puts you in the best position to profit from the rise of digital influencer marketing in the B2B world.



Employee Sentiment And Satisfaction Tracking

Moreover, social listening can be a useful tool for getting a direct view of your staff members’ attitudes and morale, which can, in turn, alter how your prospects perceive you. With the use of social listening, you might be able to detect issues early on before they grow and come knocking at HR’s door. Also, keeping a strong employer brand online is essential for effective hiring and employee retention.


Social Listening With Agenic Control

You know, reaching the point of your social media strategy where you’re truly successful and ROI-positive takes time. It also demands the usage of various tools, platforms, and so on and so forth. Just strategy, however good, won’t take you far these days. So, to bring the possibilities forward and to make your digital marketing efforts go upward, we’ve created a platform–Agenic Control–which might be just the tool to unlock the full possibilities of social media and digital marketing.

With Agenic Control, you can monitor brand equity, customer feedback, and industry and social media trends, benchmark yourself with your competition, learn from the best cases, and get actually useful intel on creating content that’s exactly on the spot with your target audience. With these insights, anyone can adjust and manage their digital marketing strategy and knock it up a notch.

There’s also no need to tell you that the intro, pitch, and handshake are becoming increasingly a thing of the past in B2B relations, with all of that moving to the digital realm of social media platforms. That’s why it is so important to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy; otherwise, you just won’t be seen.

So, by employing social listening and working with Agenic Control, you can get one step ahead of your competition and address all your customer’s needs even before they arise. What’s not to like here?



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